Knots are Not Ok

My hair is long, thick and, consequentially, knotty. Always has been. Even when I get it cut, the situation is always commented at some point during the wash and condition phase. “Do you condition? What are you using? And how often do you use it?” Assuming that I must not. And then the “tips” start. “Put some conditioner in a spray bottle with water and spray your hair when it’s damp to fight knots.” So, it’s pretty clear they’re frustrated or atleast bewildered. I get it. Thanks.

But the truth is I used to condition every day to no avail (Disclaimer: on top of my thick hair, I’m also a fan of hairspray, which clearly doesn’t help my cause). I’ve even tried the spray bottle theory which, by the way, made my locks greasy. Detanglers made it dry and crunchy and leave-in treatments turned it lifeless and oily for days. As for store or salon-bought conditioners, I’d have to use half a bottle to get any sort of untangling. Until that is, my Head & Shoulders-using boyfriend accidentally bought a bottle of the conditioner thinking it was shampoo, the Smooth & Silky variety to be exact. So I used it, figuring I might as well not let it go to waste. To my surprise, not only did a small amount actually sweep out my knots without leaving greasy residue, but people actually commented on how good my hair smelled and asked me what I used. Fancy that.

Now I keep a bottle of this wallet-friendly conditioner on hand; it’s more effective on my hair than conditioners that are 3x the cost. And I figure its dandruff fighting powers can’t hurt either. Not that I have any to begin with anyway.


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