Why Hello, Flawless! Have We Met?

No, we had not met. Not until that day when I ran into you during a routine trip to Kings Plaza aka KP (shout out) with J. You whispered those magical words- $50 and you get a free gift. About face. J and I knew we had to go to the Benefit counter and see what they were offering as a free gift(s). After determining the gift was pretty amazing, we decided to buy $50 worth of product to review for you fine people (you’re welcome) and earn our gift. Benefit, though not having a wide range of products and shades in their repertoire does have some big winners- not to mention their doll packaging (wink). J and I both love High Beam for its ability to make your cheekbones pop (especially if you have naturally good ones- ahem). And their blue Bad Gal Blue mascara which many people love, though I do not, have brought them up in the ranks. Though, Benefit won a permanent spot in my makeup closet with its Hello Flawless! Pressed Powder foundation. As I told the makeup artist at the counter, (and yes they definitely are artists) I want a powder foundation that is heavy enough to even my skin tone out and cover blemishes without feeling like I have a dry itchy mask on my face. Oh you must mean Hello Flawless! she answered. Well, I guess I did. Instantly my skin was transformed after one swoop. The compact comes with two applicators depending on the coverage you desire- a brush for lighter coverage and a sponge to apply a heavier coat. I love the sponge applicator. Hello Flawless! did what it promised- evened out my skin while maintaining a soft matte finish. Just don’t apply as a setting powder on top of your liquid foundation. It will blend with the liquid color and look ehhh not so good. For those of you who aren’t a fan of liquid foundation, this really is your best alternative. Plus it has an SPF to keep your skin healthy and as young as well, you are. Go get. Done.


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