One Stick Does the Trick

Sorry J to hear about your unfortunate experience with the Cover Girl marker. But if we’re being honest here, I never recommend lip stains. They call it stain for a reason. They just don’t take a hint. Leave my lips. Go away. Please. Most lip stains I’ve tried need paint thinner to remove. I was so excited for the Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain that I received as a gift (umm thanks J). Would this break my aversion to lip stains? No. The roll-on applicator was easy to use. No mess. But it painted my lips while leaving them dry and flaky. I had to use my MAC oil based makeup remover to well, remove. So if you’re looking for a permanent lip color- I say go for it.

Though as a beauty expert, my gut always says go with lipstick- it’s classic. It’s what Marilyn used and didn’t she always look fabulous? It’s the great wear alone accessory. It seems like every cosmetic line tries to innovate upon this product. We appreciate your efforts. We really do. But a simple lipstick does it all. If you really want to have that stain look (I guess I didn’t convince you yet that staining isn’t the way to go)–just blot blot blot. Voila your lips look stained! If you want to sex up your lips you can finish off your lipstick with some clear lip gloss and you’ll have some shiny smackers. And once you picked your perfect lipstick shade- why would you want to mess with choosing a gloss? Not to mention that most glosses try to taste like candy. I never understood why people would want to use a product that left them with a gingerbread taste on their lips all day. So my advice- clear lip gloss on a matte lipstick works the best. The matte holds the gloss better. I recommend the MAC Clear Lipglass if you take me up on this reco. It really pumps up the shine and gives your lips an illusion of fullness by attracting light. My only warning is MAC lipglass is pretty thick and glue-ish. Once you close your lips you have to fight with them to part again. For a cheaper shine finish, choose the Cover Girl Clear Wetslick (we’re giving you a second chance Cover Girl- don’t blow it). And don’t forget Wet ‘n Wild makes a MegaBrilliance clear lip gloss with sparkles in it. Of course. So for a wild night on the town add some sparkle. Though if you’re over the age of 17, maybe you shouldn’t. Let’s be honest.


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