Kat’s Meow

If I were ballsier, if I had more spontaneity, if I threw caution to the wind on a regular basis–so basically, if I was someone else– I’d be Kat Von D of LA Ink (and now Sephora) fame. Yes, her body is blanketed in tattoos, but she’s still insanely gorgeous. And she has flawless makeup. Always. Even when she does the “a different eyeshadow on each eye” look that should so clearly never be tried at home by anyone else. Ever. Except maybe if she’s my Halloween costume, then it’s fine. So naturally when she came out with a makeup line for Sephora, C (a fellow worshipper at the altar of Miss Von D) and I headed over to test out the products. Aside from the well-designed packaging that Kat did herself, the makeup really is great- densely pigmented lipsticks, sparkly eyeshadows, even a tattoo concealer for all those imaginary tattoos I keep telling myself I will one day get (one day! really! I will!). C immediately bought an eyeshadow duo she fell for, but I abstained. I had these colors, I told myself, did I really need more? Perhaps I was feeling cheap.

But then. But THEN, a pair of fragrances was born. Last month, Kat Von D’s first scents, Sinner and Saint, were released. After checking Sephora every week or so, they finally arrived– and sold out soon after. Literally, one day the shipment wasn’t in yet and the next there were only a few bottles left. Quite obviously, I had to purchase one. Now, I like sweet scents occasionally, but Saint, in its white bottle, is too much. Remember that Jessica Simpson edible body spray and lotion line from back in the day? Like that– a saccharine vanilla-y overload. Pass. But the burgundy-bottled Sinner is perfect. It’s still a bit sweet, but more spicy and dark, with a non-hippie-ish touch of patchouli. I feel bad betraying my Gucci by Gucci, which I love and found after looking forever for a new evening scent and have been loyal to for the past year or so, but Sinner has been added into the going-out rotation. It belongs there. Done.


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