Something Tastes Funny. Oh. It’s This.

I love my magazines, I really do. C and I read them every month, we have our Elle (my personal all-time favorite), our Allure, our Glamour, even the weekly tabloids, which tend to have budget-friendly makeup picks and “celebspiration.” OK! even made Brooklyn Dolls favorite Kim K a contributing beauty editor and while her writing and editing background is obviously questionable and up for debate, I say cheers to you, Lady Kardashian, you always look great. I don’t even have too much pride to admit I’d probably buy a product Kim recommended. Call me crazy. Anyway, since back in the day, magazines have been helping me find some of my favorites, especially the usually-dependable Allure Best-of-Beauty issue. So imagine the disappointment I confronted upon my much-anticipated purchase of Cover Girl’s Outlast Lipstain. “Lasts forever!” the magazines raved. “So natural and easy!” The marker-like lipstain gets chosen again and again in best-of issues. Really? Because guess what? The marker tastes like a marker. And is drying on my lips. I feel like I must be the only one with this complaint, but that can’t be possible. Has anyone else encountered this dilemma? C? I know you’re a lipstick girl, but have you test-driven this gem? Let me know.

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