She Gets it from Her Mama

We all know that too much fun in the sun, too many late nights out with no promise of 8 hours after and too many packs of cigarettes in your youth will take center stage on your face later on. So let’s prevent further damage. Shall we? Good. One of my favorite beauty secrets comes from no other than my mom, A. Yes, my mom. But it’s not like the mom tips we all have heard time and time again- drink lots of water for healthy skin, eat all your vegetables, don’t be a slut (thanks mom). This one is quite useful. Since I was little I would watch my mom every night before she went to sleep reach into the medicine chest, pull out Vaseline (ok petroleum jelly- we’re not biased here) and dab some underneath her eyes. At 10 I didn’t understand. At 25 I get it. Finally. She told me that since age 25 she religiously put Vaseline under her eyes to prevent lines and wrinkles. So fast-forward 30 years and voila- A has very little wrinkles and swears it was the Vaseline. I would like to point out that my mom became a Vaseline follower way before that memorable episode of Tyra when she proudly gave everyone in her audience this miracle jelly because Tyra, too, loves. Oh Tyra, how we heart thee. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about I encourage you to go to youtube and do some investigating (not right now but after you finish reading all the posts on this blog). So for my 25th birthday along with my musical card (which my mom loves and would buy one for every holiday if she could) I received a jar of Vaseline. Thanks mom.


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