Mega Eyes- Who Could Resist?

This post is about Wet ‘n Wild. Wait wait. Come back. This is good. I promise. I too have tried every Wet ‘n Wild product in middleschool. 518-B was my jam for its deep wine hue. And yes since middle school I have rarely returned to this brand. But like J, I never miss an opportunity to try something new in the market. So as I was picking out a shade of Brucci nail polish (love) strategically placed next to the Wet ‘n Wild display, I couldn’t help but notice a new product rightfully titled Wet ‘n Wild Mega Eyes Eyeshadow. Not regular eyes- but mega. Ok I’m sold. To play up my brown eyes I chose the mauve shades. The three- shadow palette in a convenient case with a concealed sliding mirror (word to the wise the mirror is sharp- I mean it’s still Wet ‘n Wild) is a beautiful compliment to anyone’s eye color. The cream-colored shadow is used for the upper brow bone as a highlighter. The middle darker color is used for shading the middle lid crease and really defining the eye. The third color – the sparkly brown is used for- you guessed it -the lower part of your upper lid leaning into the lash line. After application, your eyes do look well, mega. The best part- beside the shimmering colors- is it actually lasts for a good portion of time without creasing. Whatever your eye color, you can find a match with their blueish/silver tones or perhaps the spectrum of greens. And at $3 you really can’t go wrong.

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