Healthy Skin is Happy Skin

Hi. I’m C. I’m 25 going on 40. Not in the sense of maturity or wisdom. Rather I find myself in the stage where from the eyes up I’m a woman in her middle years and from the cheeks down I’m a pubescent teen with raging hormones who at the sight of a French fry breaks out. The best of both worlds one would say. Neutrogena would disagree. Like all Neutrogena skin care products (which I love and you will hear more about in future posts) the new Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup will not disappoint. I discovered this treasure as J and I scoured the makeup aisle in our local Rite Aid looking for products that would give us Kim K.’s lashes and Scarlett’s plump pout. Feeling tired of my inner teen making an appearance through my skin I couldn’t resist trying foundation which guaranteed healthy looking skin. Liquid foundations tend not to be my friend as the oily texture usually causes a breakout while finding a resting spot in my fine lines. Good times. Neutrogena Healthy Skin is not like my previous encounters- it’s lightweight, goes on so smoothly, prevents breakouts, doesn’t accentuate blossoming lines and actually makes your skin glow. I’m not sure how this product makes your skin look dewy and clear without feeling greasy. But I won’t ask questions. I leave it up to Neutrogena to figure out. They always do.


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