So before I get started, please allow me to introduce myself. I’m J and, like C, I’m 25, Brooklyn born-and-raised, and a friend to all (well, most) beauty products big and small. I never say no to a trip to Sephora, am a big fan of the finger-as-applicator technique, and own about 50 lipsticks in the same shade of pink. But I digress. This post is about perhaps the most elusive beauty product, the perfect, eye-opening mascara. When it comes to mascaras, between C and I, we’ve pretty much tried them all. I can usually get into new brands and switch quite often and up until recently, I was enjoying Rimmel GlamEyes and, before that, Revlon 3D Lash. But C swears by- and always returns to- her Maybelline Great Lash and trusty eyelasher curler. But curlers, like fake lashes and really any foreign object too close to my eyes, freak me out. So when C got me the new DiorShow Iconic mascara for my birthday last year and I tried it and found it to be quite amazing, I immediately called her and told her to buy it. And ladies and gentleman, we have found a new favorite. That is saying a lot. I love how it curls, separates, defines, and volumizes- and never clumps. Literally, you can keep on raking through your lashes and it won’t happen. A new favorite. An instant classic. Go buy it. Done.


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